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JOST KKS – push-button trailer coupling

Just what the universe has been waiting for: a remote-control trailer hitching solution that automates the entire coupling and uncoupling process, including air, electrics, and brakes. KKS is a ground-breaking innovation at the leading edge of modern logistics. Intuitive to use, it is also ideal for gradually retrofitting to standard trucks and trailers.

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Warp Drive Competitiveness


Cuts trailer changeover times by 50 percent.


Effectively halves costs per journey leg and truck, depending on route, driving and trailer times.


Radically reduces the risk of accidents and does away with the physically demanding aspects of coupling.


Intuitive operation for fast hassle-free coupling and uncoupling.

Efficiency calculator

Your KKS profitability check up

Let us show you how retrofitting KKS pays off! It won't take long!

Hitching time in minutes 12
Number of shifts 2
Driving time in minutes 15

per annum


Time savings
per annum


Extra journey legs
per annum




Cost savings
per journey leg


Hitching time

Basis for the calculation: 220 workdays per annum, 9h shifts, €27.80 per hour for the truck with driver, and 2 trailer changeovers per trip.

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Interstellar coupling combo – for automatic hitching

KKS 42 fifth wheel: the mother ship

KKS builds on tried and tested technology: At its core is the high-quality 2" cast KKS 42 fifth wheel coupling. Reliable and very versatile, along with the KKS Connector, it comprises the revolutionary sensor coupling system with Sensoric, LubeTronic and a pneumatic opening cylinder.

  • also available as a low-maintenance coupling with LubeTronic 1Point
  • obtainable with all DIN bearing blocks and frame assemblies
  • heights from 150 mm
  • ECE-R55-01

Snap-shut intelligence – the KKS Connector

Fitted to the underside of the trailer, the star of the show is JOST’s unique KKS Connector. This controls all the mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic connections between the truck and trailer, eliminating the need for vulnerable air, electric and ABS/EBS spiral lines. During cornering, cable and hose handling takes place in the trailer floor, with resetting taking place automatically once the lorry is travelling in a straight line again.

  • high quality JOST 2" king pin
  • reliable future-proof and ISO 13044-2 compliant standard plugs for air and electrical connections
  • safety tested welding plate
  • Three standard sensors monitor the king pin, locking mechanism and trailer plate

Intelligence at your fingertips: the KKS remote control

The power to control! Thanks to the intuitive KKS remote control, drivers can manage the entire coupling and uncoupling process, and check up on the status of the fifth wheel and coupling assembly at a glance. As such, changing trailers becomes a simple matter of routine that can be learnt very quickly.

  • Remote control of landing gear and fifth-wheel coupling
  • Push button air and electrics connection
  • Real-time status reporting and sensor monitoring
  • Intelligent logic for routine trailer changes

Beam me up! – the KKS Modul E-Drive

Hand cranking is a thing of the past thanks to the KKS’ E-Drive module – an electric auxiliary drive that deploys landing legs automatically and is controlled via the KKS remote control. Eliminating the need for hand cranking, it also offers huge space-saving benefits.

  • based on the proven JOST Modul series
  • S-Foot as standard and therefore large drift
  • maintenance-free, patented, internal gearbox
  • can also be manually operated

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Like the sound of KKS? Then take a closer look at the options and benefits it offers. And if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Space Station: World Market Leader

A pioneer in fifth wheel couplings and landing legs, JOST is a truck and trailer connection specialist with a proven track record. JOST products are characterised by outstanding quality, long-lasting reliability, and innovative design.

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KKS Roadshow

Our external mission continues

Our star journey is entering the next stage across Europe! We will be on the road again to bring KKS to life for you! Expand your horizons with exciting live demonstrations of our automatic coupling system and experience how coupling processes are brought to the speed of light. Afterwards there will be a get-together for personal exchange.

This is where we are on the road for you:

  • 20.-25.9.22 Hannover, IAA Transportation,
    Outdoor Area D81
  • 27.09.22 Dresden, DGUV Symposium
  • 05.-20.10.22 France: Avranches, Angers, Angoulême, Ris-orangis, Metz, Lyon, Marseille

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The first run was really cosmic!

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